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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Skateboard Deck Woodwork by Japanese Artist Haroshi!!! Decks were made for Breaking!!!

Japanese wood sculptor Haroshi specializes in creating three-dimensional art pieces from used and broken skateboard decks.

Although haroshi uses one type of material for his art, skate decks vary widely in size and structure depending on the factory, brand and model. in creating his sculptures, He filters through thousands of old decks and individually picks out the perfect board to use. After they are stacked, cut and shaved to form, they are painted and polished to a candy-like finish.

Not available to the outside observer is another one of haroshi's artistic details. During construction, each sculpture is given a "soul", a broken metal skateboard piece that is laid in the core of the piece. unkei, a 12th century japanese buddha sculptor had a similar practice of including a crystal ball in his statues as the "soul" of the buddha.

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